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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"When Ye Are In The Service of Your Fellow Beings..." March 2 2015

Hey fam!

so first off i just need to say that there are a couple elders here who are eyeing my sisters. haha its so funny. all my sisters are so beautiful. so your week sounds crazy. momo im glad you had a good weekend. sometimes a lil fun break is just what you need to help you get through things like that. and good job for reading you scriptures more. ill read james 3. im glad you're learning from the scriptures. its cool how they can teach us like that huh? :) tenny thats way cool that you got to have those dresses. the pic you sent was so so pretty!!

sorry nothing really happened this week. no my comp didnt get transferred, we will be together for another transfer. he's a cool guy so its good. i do want to train though. i'd rather train than have a leadership position. so mom the recent converts are good. they are pretty powerful. so one of our investigators, francis, was going back to his former church for a while. but recently me and elder snow decided to just go and help him get water. he makes three trips a day to place that is kinda far. so we have just gone there everyday at the time he gets water and we just help him. and the past two sundays he has been on time to church and he loves it. its so cool. when im doing service like that it feels just amazing. when we get done everyday he tells us "this is truly the lords work." its so cool. and its just nice to make his trips easier. and on saturdays he makes six trips. so we are just going to continue to go there everyday. i love it.

so, i knew this was going to happen, the weeks are all kinda the same. so i dont really have a ton to write about haha. its still super hot and still humid. sometimes i think about my bed back home. and i was sitting down one day, and i realized how uncomfortable i am all the time. just hot and sticky and tired. but its cool because i know that when i go home i can pretty much endure anything like this. haha and i think about fishing all the time. i miss it like crazy. haha but its good. that all can wait. so that is about all i have for this week. i love you all. i cant wait for next week. i love your emails. LOVE LOVE LOVE

elder madsen

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