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1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Patriarchal Blessings & Patience March 9 2015

 fam!! so first of all, before i forget. we just went to the zoo to check out prices. and we will be going next week. but flip. while we were there, we saw some bats hanging out in some of the trees. and some were flying around. and no joke, they look like full grown guinea pigs with wings. they are HUGE. its so scary. literally huge. ive never seen bats this big. and we got to see a camel just walking around. im so excited to go next week. ill definitely be sending pics of it.

Bats in the trees

so dad thanks for the kind words. we'll keep working with francis. he's such a cool guy. it is really hot right now, it should start to get a little colder though. i havent met the new president yet but i will let you know when i do. momma. the time is going by pretty fast i would say. i just try not to think about it. before i know it ill be 1 year. and things to specifically pray about; for me to have help with being more happy, patient, humble, and hard working. i know all of these things will come about when i put in my effort. but i just need help with them. thank you.

so a couple really cool things happened this week. the first, i was reading my patriarchal blessing, and i was reading about patriarchal blessings in true to the faith. i was just trying to study my blessing really well. and i was able to see how much my blessing is really just for me. it talks about things that relate to me so much. its crazy. i love it so much. so family, those of you who have one, study it. dont just read it but study it.

and the second thing that happened. my zone leader, sometimes me and him dont exactly see eye to eye. its not really because we disagree on things, its mainly just pride. me and him stay in the same apt and the other day i was trying to report numbers. earlier that day he had just seemed mad at me, but he was just being rude and difficult when i was trying to report. he was just pushing my buttons and trying to make me mad with what he was doing. but recently i have been really fasting and praying for patience, and the humility. and i just felt different. what he was saying and doing wasnt getting to me like it usually does. it seemed like i was just able to brush it off and keep going. well, not only just keep going but i was also happy. it was really cool. and it was like i could actually feel help being given to me. i hope this is something i will be able to continue to have, and continue to practice. something me and easton have been talking about is the patience our parents have. and i truly believe that my mission is teaching me these qualities so i can be a successful parent one day, just like my own parents. so thank you mom and dad. i know i didnt do very well with learning and developing these qualities at home, but you definitely showed me the importance of having them. mission puts you through a lot of stuff, but it helps you learn things like crazy, if you let it. i know i still have a ton to learn. A TON. but i feel i am moving forward. little by little. as ghanains say, kakra kakra. 
i love you tons fam. ill be sending pics next week. love you all!! so so much!

elder madsen

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