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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Field trip to the Zoo March 16 2015

Hey fam!!
Here are pics from our trip to the zoo! so these camels weren’t in a cage...haha so sweet. and this chimp was trying to open a can of tomato sauce. the monkeys here are so awesome. they sell bananas there and you can just reach over and hand them a banana. haha also the monkey, when it grabbed the banana its finger barely touched mine. i flipped out a little. so i just washed my hands like crazy. #ebola. they also will do funny tricks to get them. one would clap and then dance. i took some videos. ill just show you when i get home ;) there was a little family of them and they just played together. so cute!! the bats were everywhere. it was crazy.

hey momma!! so that isnt fufu. that is boiled yam with pepper sauce. super super good. oh and that jacket my comp is wearing. bro baah made it. he is so good. he can make anything.

so thats all for this week. next week there will be more. so your week sounded crazy. thats so sad about zoey. Macquel!! your pics look soooo good. haha elders here where like...wait.. thats your sister?! dang it shes getting married?! haha my sisters are so pretty. dad thanks for the encouraging words. so this week. i was sick again. we were positive it was malaria again but it wasnt. i had a high fever, i was throwing up, and my lower back hurt. which is exactly what malaria does. so i was sure it was. so momo, like you, i had to get more blood taken. i hate the sickness here so much. thank goodness i have power in this apartment. when you are sick here the heat and humidity just make you feel so so bad. so i had a thought last night. fads right now go and come so quickly. eventually everyone will just be like the star bellied sneaches, or however you spell it. the new trends and new fads will just be going and coming so fast that eventually everyone will just be the same. and there will be so many different styles that are accepted. anyway. i have no more time so i gotta go. i love you all so much and i hope you have a good week!!

-elder madsen

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