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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, February 23, 2015

Speaking Twi Feb 23, 2015

hey fam! 
so it sounds like a busy week. mom thanks for the emails. tenny, cherish these slow times. cuz i promise, the older you get, the faster time goes. i wish i was back at your age right now. and dont worry about your pup. if you discipline her, she'll learn. momo im glad you're getting better. and sorry your friend is moving. thats super cool with bridger’s new work at Zupas, that totally seems like the job for him. and mom thanks for the kind words.

so this week we were able to have two baptisms. mobby and rebecka. it was so nice. the week itself was kinda stressful. ive learned something about my mission. about only half of it is the missionary work. the other half is just dealing with a lot of stressful stuff. im learning from it of course. but its hard. and very stressful sometimes. other than that its good! my area is fun. i love the people here and i am just making friends like crazy. its so sweet to be able to understand a lot of twi. i just listen to people and sometimes they are talking about me. so i start speaking twi to them and they just freak out. haha its so funny.

i dont know whats going to happen with transfers. ive heard a lot of rumors. but nothing is for sure. so these three pics. one is of me with ground nut cakes on my head. this is how they sell everything. they just walk around with it on top of them.

another is me teaching reena how to go cross eyed. 

and the third is of monic, kelvin, and reena. my favorite family here in dichemso. they are so fun. 

so i dont have a ton of things to write this week. i hope the pics keep you a lil entertained. love you so much! keep being awesome and keep praying for me.
Elder madsen

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