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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, February 2, 2015

Obedience=Blessings Jan 26, 2015

heeeeyy fam. So first off, dad when i read that you get to be in the same room as all the twelve i just get jealous. i want to sit in those so badly. ive been reading some talks lately and even just from looking at them you can see that those men are inspired. so i have been studying in doctrine and covenants and i have some questions. ill ask them next week when i prepare them. ill be praying for you. good luck with it and let me know how it goes. i write my friends but sometimes they dont write back. checking email back home is not too common. its alright though. i write you guys so its good enough. :)

Kennedy...your dog is so awesome and tiny. i hope it stays safe. thats scary how many things can hurt it. itll be fine though. Morghan im happy for you :) keep being strong sista. one thing that helps me too, is seeing how much these people trust and believe in god. it has actually helped my testimony grow a lot. people that you know well and you trust. they know god lives. and they love him so much. its a good example for all of us. i cant believe Macquel is getting married. thats crazy. im just a lil sad i wont be there. but its alright. ill get to hang out when i get home. haha

so i know i promised pics but i forgot my camera for reals. sorry sorry sorry. haha and as for this last week. my comp was super sick. he did what he wasnt supposed to...he drank unfiltered water that a member offered him. haha i didnt drink it for that exact reason. woops. lesson learned i guess ;) he is doing well now though.

im excited for the new mission president. i think itll be kind of cool to have two mission presidents for both half's of my mission. so the lord is blessing us like crazy. and i know its on our obedience. me and my comp made a deal to be more obedient together. and we are getting the coolest investigators. and even when we were talking about how we were being blessed, this guy and girl came up to us and started telling us how they wanted to come and see the church. and for the most part you can tell when someone is serious and when someone is not. we are meeting with the guy tomorrow. we just had a baptism yesterday. his name is yaw attah. and we have an investigator named bright who came to church yesterday and he absolutely loved it. so much. he is just so happy to be learning all about the gospel. its so cool to see the joy people receive from the gospel and the church. anyway. i have little time today...gotta talk to easton and all haha. love you fam!-elder madsen

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