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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sick for the Week Jan 19, 2015

hey fam!! so this last week was filled with sickness and heat. me, my comp, and another elder got sick. not at the same time though. so we were in for a lot of the week. but we still had awesome lessons. i gave kelvin and his sister a harmonica, they LOVE them. so much. they are young kids so they are just having the best time with them. 

so in the year of 2014 the ghana kumasi mission had exactly 1,000 baptisms. we had 950 with two weeks left in the year. and in the second to last week we had 25, and the last week we had 25. and in december that is super hard to do. so i thought that was pretty cool. my new mission president is from HIGHLAND UTAH!! how crazy is that. i dont think i know him. i forgot his name though. 

also i was thinking. the harmonicas you sent were awesome. and i can play hymns on them and stuff. but they cant hit certain notes. so if you can, if its not too expensive or  anything right now. i was wondering if i could get another one. one that has the two sets of notes. top and bottom. they are more "advanced" but i think it would be fun to get good. they are pretty easy to figure out and play so i think it would be fun. 

well, on to your week. momo its so cool to see you driving! how is it? do you love it? tenny im glad you and your pup are doing well. haha she seems kinda crazy. i hope that kinda goes down a lil by the time i get home. i cant believe Macquel is getting married! how are your feelings about it? he seems like a cool guy and if he treats her right and has a plan then im all for it, and i cant wait to get to know him better. does he hunt or fish? if not, at least get him good at fishing so we can go a lot when i get back. haha 

sorry i dont have a ton of pics to send. i am not really taking too many. i need to though. my ward is soo cool. the members are awesome. one thing ive realized about Ghanaians, they are all just children at heart. its kinda weird because i feel like there aren't any adults here. just a ton of big little kids. they are so sweet and just fun. i feel like that was one reason i was sent here. you can just joke with anyone. even our bishop is just loud and fun and super funny. thats pretty much everyone here. love you tons family. ill send pics next week. we got transfer news and im staying here. so thats good! i love this apartment.

love, elder madsen 

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