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Monday, February 2, 2015

Eternal Life is the Greatest Gift Feb 2, 2015

 hey fam!
dad, i am so happy to hear that the presentation went well!! and ya could you just send some of that confidence my way? ;) thats way cool. im excited to hear how it goes. haha the hunting continues. see you work hard but you also play hard. which is so sweet. 

so, Doctrine & Covenants is so cool. i love it. i have been reading a manual along with it and i am learning so much. i have really come to love and appreciate Joseph Smith. he is such an amazing guy. i also decided that i need to marry someone who is serious about the gospel. who will want to endure to the end. i keep realizing more and more each day how serious the gospel is. and how important it is to keep all the covenants we've made and all the commandments. eternal life, living with heavenly father and the savior is the greatest gift we can be given. and i want it so badly. so so badly. and i want it to be with all of my family. just being in complete joy and happiness with everyone. there would be nothing better.

momma. weddings...sounds kinda stressful but definitely worth it. im glad you are doing well. haha and im glad morghan is recovering from her wisdom teeth. tell her i say thank you for keeping the tradition of winking alive. kennedy congrats on your part in the play!

so this week....aahhhhhh i have a story for ya'll. first off. our investigator bright is the coolest guy in the world. he had to travel to accra for two weeks but he will be baptized at the end of the month. we thought he was just trying to run from us and everything. but he really did travel and he has called us like every day. he just checks up on us. haha he is so cool. i cant wait to have him back and to be teaching him again. 

but for the story. so i was cutting my hair. it was getting kinda long and it was time to cut it. so i decided to cut it. as a was cutting it i needed to take the guard off for a second to clean the clippers. i was talking to other elders in the apt while doing it so my mind was somewhat occupied. and of course, i forgot to put the guard back on and continued right up the back of my head. hahahaha so i had a HUGE line going straight up the back. and this was with no guard. like lower than a, no guard. and guess what else, my president was coming over the next morning to go over our and the zone leaders areas. to make sure they were even. and he also wanted an interview with me, he was unable to have one at the zone conference, so he just used this time to do it. so i didnt know what to do, leave it and let it grow back out, or just do all the sides with no guard. so i just left it. and the next morning when president and sister holmes came over, i explained and showed them and they both just laughed haha. so president said i should just cut all of it without a guard, so i did. i left the top kinda long. but then i just decided to go shorter. i dont have a picture of the final cut. but here is one of the back, and one of the sides done with the top long. dont post the one of the top long and the sides cut. haha silly me. ill never ever ever do that again. i can tell you that much. so it was an experience that i learned from. to take time while cutting hair. and to be attentive. 

ha anyway. thats about all. im kinda sick today. i have been for the past couple days. not a fever or anything. just feel sick. its annoying but itll pass. love you all!!!
elder madsen    

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