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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Want to Live the Happiest Life I Can (Feb 9 2015)

Hey fam!
so first off.  my hair is good. i cut the rest of the sides with the guard off. and the top was about a 4 i think. or shorter. i cant remember. im pretty sure my comp will be leaving me this transfer. he thinks i will train but i dont know. the obedience is good. we have some sweet sweet investigators right now. and me and elder snow could potentially have 5 baptisms this month. which would be so sweet. we are pretty much guaranteed 3 this weekend. its so cool to see the lives of these people change. the time is kind of going faster. i just try not to think about it. if i think about it hard then it seems like forever. but when i dont think about it its fast. leadership is cool. different than i thought it would be. i dont really feel like a leader though. kinda like we are all just working together and im just the one collecting the numbers. ;) haha. its cool though. i havent met my new president yet, im not sure when i will. teaching is sweet. 

kennedy how is your lil pup doing? love you tenny ;)
ah morghan. sorry about your wisdom teeth. that does not sound fun at all. im glad you're able to eat now. passing out is kind of your thing isnt it?  would it be alright if i fasted for you? keep being strong mo. just know this one thing. we only get one shot at this mortal life we have. just that thought makes me want to live the happiest life i can. think about it. when you're in heaven and you look back on your life, what do you want to see? cuz mo its real. the afterlife, everything, is real. thats one thing i think about for myself with my mission. when im done, and im looking back, what do i want to see. because honestly, all we are doing right now is making memories. so we have to make them the absolute best. love you mo.

so bright is doing well. he gets back friday. so itll be nice to meet with him again. and right now another awesome investigator is moby. he is so cool. he has a ton of tattoos, but he wants to change. he's the sweetest guy. 

so momma, you've always been a good nurse. thanks for taking care of us. its kinda funny. i was actually sick this week too. but this time it was super painful. i didint know what i had. so the mission doctor wanted me to get my blood tested. so i went to this hospital place and had my blood taken. nothing showed up but they came to the conclusion that it was a sinus infection. my face and my nose and head hurt so bad. at one point i had a fever. but it was mainly my head. it got to the point where i couldnt even go out. it was so crappy. but they got some medicine for me and now im doing much better.

so there is this super old lady in our ward. she speaks no english. and she is just so sweet and way funny. she comes to church everyday even though she can hardly walk. she uses this big stick to walk. and she hits our hands way hard when she shakes our hands. we asked her how old she is, and this is a common problem in ghana for the older people, but she didnt know how old she was. she said she didnt go to school so she didint know. haha she is so sweet. ill send a pic with her sometime. 

my district this month will hopefully get 8 baptisms. i really hope we can achieve our goal. itll be so sweet if we do. 

are we related to truman g. madsen? i have been asked that like 8 million times. 

one way cool thing i found out about myself, when i need to find a scripture, or a passage out of anything ive read. i can remember exactly on the page where i read it. so i just look for that spot. it helps with teaching and studying so much. its way cool but i just wish i could remember the passage and page and verse and all that. 

well i love you all. i hope you have an amazing week. sorry i cant write more. and sorry if i dont comment on some things that are important. if i left something out i apologize. love you!!
elder madsen

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