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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas is Coming! Received Dec 22, 2014

hey fam!

so first off. dad. i have been learning a lot about obedience lately. its that when you fail to keep the small things, the big things follow quickly. its crazy how real that is. my new comp is from utah. more north. he has been out 3 months. i am the senior comp, and being the dl is cool. i got to do an interview with someone the sisters were going to baptize. its more responsibility but that’s good.

to be honest its really hard to be obedient out here. very hard. i feel like this mission just breeds disobedient guys. as you said, im not perfect. its really easy to see that out here. all of our imperfections. but i feel like lately ive been able to see things in a different kind of light. its really cool and i honestly feel like heavenly father is helping me with that a lot.

ill probably call you christmas morning to tell you when im getting on. then we will skype! not sure what time it will be. so itll kinda just be a surprise if thats ok? I will tell you about the kids in these pics when I talk to you. i have only recieved ryans package. i loved it too. so tell him thanks! as for :( *sigh* its alright though. ill hopefully get them soon. i got a little gift from my comps parents. just some cool x-mas socks. thanks for the email. i gotta go! love you all!
-elder madsen

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