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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, December 21, 2014

LOVE my new area! December 15, 2014

Hey so first off. The lady that called you was mamma v! She said she wanted to call you and thank you for having me come out here. she said that since she is my momma here, she wanted to talk to my momma back home. so sorry for that.

So kennedy!!! good job for pushing through on your 100 mile bike ride. im super proud of you. and now, youll get a puppy :) woo! what kind are you getting? jess and brian look super happy with the tree you gave them. new area is the best thing so far that has happened on my mission. there are four of us. me, my awesome comp elder snow, and the zone leaders. AND THE POWER NEVER. GOES. OUT. i miss constant power so so much. its only gone out once in four days and it was only for half an hour. my last apt it was off guaranteed every other day, and sometimes two days in a row. so this is so so nice. the calling of a DL is cool. its just us four elders and then four sisters. my first district meeting is tomorrow so thatll be cool. i still dont know what to instruct on yet so im kind of nervous.

So this week we were teaching this kid named kelvin, and he asked an awesome question. he's very smart for his age and he follows really well. he's nine, and his mom is a member. anyway his question was, "when we get to the celestial kingdom, if we like fried chicken and rice, will it be there? and can we eat it?" haha it was so funny. that kid is so smart.

I love my new area. im sorry about using money. i feel like im just wasting it. that bag i bought. it wasnt that much but i cant really even use it now. so sorry. anyway. i cant wait for christmas. itll be so fun to get to see all of you. i also will be buying some ties. these are for me, dad, and bridger. They are so cool. its made out of a very popular fabric. i want to get a ton for friends and people back home. well i gotta go. but i love you all so much.

stay happy and keep smiling!

Love, Elder Madsen

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