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1 timothy 4:12

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transfer to Dichemso!

hey fam! 

so, lets start with your letter. dad we tried hard to meet with that lady (we met down  that one road) but she was really busy. really really busy. and she seemed less interested. macquel, its really just the temp that changes. when its winter there, its really hot here. when its summer there, its a little cooler here. morghan i'm sorry you've been sick, and kennedy good luck on your 100 mile ride! so i bought a cool bag to proselyte with. it was only about 7 U.S. dollars. also dad, one of my zl's saw the inserts in my pmg and he wants them. so can you send me an attachment with them that i could forward to him? thanks. if not, thats ok.

and fam i got some being transferred! to and area called dichemso. my comp will be elder snow. he's from the us. And, im being called as the district leader! although ill miss this area, im excited to leave. i need to see more of ghana! being a dl will be fun too. im somewhat scared. but itll be good. in my district i have the Zone leaders and sister training leaders. so i dont know, giving instruction to them will be kind of weird, they are way older than me on mission. but im still way excited. as far as pics. i havent been taking a ton so i dont really have any to send. so ill have some probably next week in my new area and new comp. 

ill miss my friends in my apt. but i will not miss the apt. in my new apt the power is on almost all the time (so ive heard). haha so compared to every other day...thats pretty nice. anyway. i love you all so much! i cant wait to hear about how your next week goes. i love hearing from you! love you love you love you allllll!

-elder madsen

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