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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, October 6, 2014

Short But Sweet

hey fam! 

so first of all....i forgot it was the first monday. haha i didnt bring my camera with me. woops. dont worry ill send some soon. so first ill just tell a little about my week. it was good! kinda hard. my comp is a little frustrating. even when im calm we still cant reason. its hard but its a good test for me. good practice. i honestly think thats why im with him. 

so for the baptism, i baptized for the first time! the girls name is alice and she is so so shy but so sweet. and on sunday in church i got to confirm mamma v! which was way scary but super cool. and this week we will be having another baptism. a sister named bridget. she is 19 and she is so nice. it was someone me and my former comp taught. ill probably be doing the baptism. 

so dad i am borrowing a copy of doctrines of the gospel manual. it is so sweet. im learning so much from it. also yesterday at church i sat next to a boy named derrick. he is a recent convert and he is about 14. so during sacrament meeting i was reading my scriptures in the book of moses, and as i was reading i looked down at what he was reading. he was in the same book, same chapter. and when i would turn the page he would as well. haha he would get to the next page and just start reading as fast as he could. it was so cool, just to see that he wanted to be reading where i was. learning the same things. i hope one day he decides to serve a mission. it was just cool. 

so i didnt get to watch conference...sadly. but we will get copies of it. and hopefully we be able to watch it sometime. your week sounded awesome though! i miss family stuff like that. sorry i dont have a ton of time. me and easton were on at like the exact same time. i swear we arent planning it.;) i love the pics of the paper airplanes on the fan. thats so fun. tell all the fam that i love them. tell grandmarie to write me. i want to write her. i miss her farm so much. tell the grants i love them. love you all! sorry about the pics and the short email. me and easton are just sharing a lot and trying to catch up. love you guys so much! and tenny ill keep track of the baptisms. and momo keep those cute lil lips away from those boys. love you all.
-elda madsen

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