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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, September 29, 2014

Take The Road Less Traveled

hey fam! 
your letter was awesome! i loved the pics and mom good job with the pirate stuff. thats awesome. all of you sound like you had a good week. tenny keep doing your wont regret it i promise. momo sounds like you're keeping up the noise level in the house...thats my girl. also, get up on time. dad and quel i miss hunting so much. i want to just make a little sling shot and hunt some doves here. my two comps ive had have both killed birds with sling shots. thats how they do it back at home. so thats pretty sweet.

so this week was awesome. first of all we had like 4 million people just want to learn about the gospel. they will just come up to us and ask about it. i love it so much. we heard that ebola had entered ghana. it was on this radio broadcast. i dont know if its serious or not. i guess we'll find out. so dad my talk (at zone conference) was so sweet. i loved it. afterwards i just wanted to get back up and continue talking. on the way home from the meeting i was in a tro tro. i went to the back and there were three little kids there. i had a coin with me and i did a magic trick for them. they were flipping out and they just loved it. one of them had a backpack & i thought of the little footstep key chains. i always carry one on me. so i gave it to the little girl and helped her attach it to the zipper of her backpack. she was soooo cute. the tro came to their stop and they all got off and turned back to me and just smiled and waved. so cute.

we also had a baptism. the ladies name is mama v. she is so awesome. we will be having another this weekend and ill be baptizing. haha so family, i noticed something awesome. in john 2 when the savior turned the water into wine. at the end...there is a winky face. showing that the servants...;) they knew...;) ;) hahaha it made me laugh so hard. ive noticed it a couple times in the bible. the winky faces.

anyway. something really cool happened. me and my comp were walking and i felt like we should take a road ive never taken before. so we went down it. while walking a lady stopped us. she said she had a friend in tamale (which is pretty far) who was a member. she used to live there and she had just barely moved here. she said she wanted to know more about the church. so we said that we could meet with her. she was going to town right then so we booked an appointment. later that day we got a call from some missionaries in tamale asking if we had talked to a sister who was from tamale. we said ya, so they said that the branch president from tamale would be calling us. later in the evening we got a call from him. he was the friend of the lady we met! apparently she had told him that she ran into us. he then just told us how happy he was that we met her and he wants us to keep him updated on her progress. it was pretty cool to see how she was just prepared to meet us right then. we have been having cool experiences with our investigators. they are just so ready for this gospel. i can feel my testimony growing stronger and stronger every time i teach and just talk about the gospel.

so i had a sweet dream the other night. it was about the afterlife. me and a whole bunch of people were passing through what im pretty sure was the veil. and once through it there was just a whole different world. it was huge and there were just angels and people everywhere. some of the people i was with stared crying because they were so happy. and then others were crying because they were realizing that the afterlife was real and they hadn't lived the best lives. it was really cool. anyway. thats about it for my week. we will be having a couple more baptisms in the next little while so ill keep you updated. oh and ive searched for a harmonica...cant find one. but if its hard to send then dont worry about it.
love you all!!

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