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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Decide to be Happy

hey fam! 

this week was good! i have learned a lot this week. but first off. im so so sorry about preston (a friend who passed away). i cant believe that. he really is in a better place now. and dad. i know ive apologized for being a punk, but i want to just ask for forgiveness. i know that you probably do forgive me. but i just want to read it that you do. 

so about this week. i have been just trying to love the people more. and it is making the biggest difference. i am happy for like almost the whole day...all up until i get back to the apartment and the power is out and our sink constantly leaks and keeps flooding our kitchen and i have to shower in the dark. haha but besides that its sweet!! woo! my new comp is cool...a little difficult. but i am working on my patience with him :) i can feel myself literally becoming more happy just by making the decision to be happy. and i am starting to LOVE these people. so much.

dad im giving a talk tomorrow for zone meeting. im kinda nervous but itll be good. i decided to talk about obedience. it is such a huge problem here. i dont know if this is what other missions are like...but if it is...ah. i dont even know. dont worry i am waking up at 630 every day. sometimes 6:00. and ya i am studying. i am not through the new testament yet. i have been focusing a lot on the book of mormon. i love that book so much. i just get done reading it and i just love it. 

the teaching is going really well. i can use scriptures from the bible to answer the more common questions. i had a really cool couple of lessons where scriptures just came to my head. and a couple guys i was teaching couldnt say anything to what i said and explained. they just accepted it. and it wasnt in a competitive way. just a nice calm way. and i could feel the spirit so strong. i love it. its been super fun teaching and i just am loving it. we have a couple investigators right now that are just so ready for the gospel. they want to be baptized so badly and all we have to do is teach them the lessons. i can hear a lot of twi. i cant speak it fluently but i can speak a little. 

also. someone was confirmed dead with ebola here in ghana. i dont know how real it is. but ill find out soon. maybe ill be finishing my mish in the u.s. haha. maybe. anyway. i love you family! keep sending me letters all about your week. love you all.

-elder madsen

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