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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, September 15, 2014

Love the People

hey family! 

this week was super good. we had a baptism! it was jacob. he is such a cool guy. so humble and just ready to be a part of this church. i took some pics but i dont know if i want to send them. maybe...maayybbbee. your week sounds way sweet! all of you. tenny im sorry you didnt get a part in the play. and mckenna and shalisa are both back! thats awesome! i cant believe that its been a year and a half already. so far it feels like ive been out here for about...2 years now. haha. time here is weird. im loving it more and more though. 

two missionaries that i became pretty good friends with just left (to go home). like they just walked out of the cafe and now i wont be seeing them for the rest of my life. its alright, elder miller gave me a ton of stuff so that was sweet. so mom, my class at dan peterson sent me a package with a ton of pics and letters. it was so cute. i love them so much. and dad, i had a dream that when i got back you felt inspired that our whole family should move to jackson county Missouri, and i just felt inside me that the second coming was here. it was pretty sweet but freaky. 

im getting a new comp this transfer. he is a guy that has been in my apt with me. his name is elder onen so it'll be sweet! one thing I've seen, there are so many missionaries that are disobedient its crazy. like so many of them have personal phones, and they watch movies and cartoons. its crazy. i just think of missionaries that finished their missions when i was home and i think of what kind of missionary they were. its crazy to see how many missionaries there are here that just do whatever they want. 

this week went by pretty fast. it was good. i am finally thinking less and less about home and more about my mission. and now ill be the companion in my area who knows my area well, and itll give me a little more responsibility. anyway. right when i sit down i just blank and i dont know what to write about. i taught a lot this week. a lot. one thing I've realized, the second you develop a love for the people, the second this "work" is no longer work. it becomes something that you just want to do. i havent developed this love enough, but sometimes i just feel it and it makes things so much easier and better. 

i love you family! bye bye!

-elder madsen

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