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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, September 8, 2014

Teaching with President Holmes

hey fam! 
this week sounds like it was pretty fun for you all! so this week was good! this week was hard though with studying. we have had a ton going on. president holmes came out teaching with us. scariest thing of my life but it was sweet. it made me focus on the people and the lessons so much and it gave me a different view of missionary work. it made it easier and more meaningful. its something im trying to do more of now, just focusing on the people and the lessons. it'll make my days better and i'll learn so much more i hope. also they might send you some pics. please don't post them unless i approve of them. haha

so mom, the women here wear these headband things. they also wear big gold loop earrings. they look like pirates. seriously. its so awesome! im totally getting a headband for you. i taught a guy who acted and talked just like jack sparrow. it was so cool. i was trying not to smile the whole time. he is so cool haha. i got a hug from a drunk guy, he was super nice. it was kinda weird but he just wanted a hug. 

so teaching, i taught a pastor. he has a very nice house, car, and compound. yea..we are teaching him again Thursday. we have been teaching a ton. we have a baptism this week! the guys name is jacob and he is so ready to be baptized. we also have a couple more baptisms in the next little while. 

this last week we had so many fm's (free meals) at members houses and investigators houses. one day we had fufu one meal right after the other. we ate at our bishops house then left to an investigators house and had more fufu. i couldnt finish it. it was so much. so one of the elders in my apt, its his birthday today and he is taking us all out to this restaurant. im so excited! ill send pics. anyway. thats about it for this week. i love you all. im sorry if i dont respond to everything that is written. but i read it. and i love it. keep writing please! love you!  

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