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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, September 1, 2014


hey hey hey fam!

So first off just a couple things from me. First, president gave us 30 min extra on the first monday of every month, so I guess that would be today. So those will have to be the days that I send pics. And I'll have to go to town for that. And I'm not in town. So it'll be about a month until more pics come. HA! Sorry. 

Soooo I chopped my hair off. I cut it so short. When I'm in my pjs I look like a prison inmate. So sweet. So dad, I started with the scripture mastery (cards). I did the Book of Mormon in a week and now I'm on to D and C. I decided to start with the scripture mastery first just because, and it already helped me in one of my talks. You can literally just pull any one of those out and use them for a talk. They also tie in together really well. Dad also I wanted to say sorry for being so difficult when you were helping me out with the preach my gospel stuff and just when I was getting prepared. You really did a lot for me and I'm so sorry I acted the way I did. 

Fam! I want you to try and get ahold of the missionaries close to the house and try to have some of you serve as a member present lesson. You HAVE to.  So this week was crazy, the power, the gas, the water, everything went out. We were suffering for a little. It's all good now. I'm learning how to make stew and different foods. It's pretty cool. We make cereal. We boil sugar and water together, roast oats, and then mix the sugar and oats together then use powder milk and water and its finished! Cereal. So that's fun. Today was a zone activity. We played American football and it felt good to move fast again. I'm starting to love it more and more out here. 

Some worries that still come up: I'm so old and I'm just starting. I don't know how everything with school will work out when I get back. And I'm gunna miss SO many good movies...that one isn't serious. But still. haha! The two worst are time & age, those worries will leave eventually I'm sure.

That's so sad about Ruger, poor dog (a cousins dog that died). Kennedy that's awesome you might get a dog, hard work pays off. Morghan, those boys. flip. Have fun at the dances. No kissing. Dad I'm sorry there aren't any doves, they are everywhere here. And lizards. A ton. And my monkey. He's so cute. 

I just want to encourage everyone to try and read all of the Book of Mormon and then to ask Heavenly Father about it. Gaining your own testimony is so huge, and I see that now. So please family try. I love you all, till next week

-elda martin aka elder madsen

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