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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, October 13, 2014

Make The Most With What You Have

hey fam! 

so. i know there is a reason i was sent here and i am so grateful to be here. but the living conditions here are so so hard. its getting so hot. the apt has power about every other day. i have to always make sure my water is filtered. i can only use the rest room in my apt. there arent any out in the field. aahhh its hard. i want to look back on my mission and be able to say that i pushed through these hard times and made the most of my mission with what i had. also, last night i was really really sick. my stomach was hurting so bad it was unbelievable. and there was nothing i could do. if we go to the hospital, and they think is ebola, they will put us in an area where all of the suspected ebola cases are. so its kind of scary. anyway. enough whining.
this week bridget was baptized! i was able to be the baptist and it was honestly the most spiritual baptism ive been to. it was perfect and she has such a strong testimony. she is even wanting to start her papers so that she can serve a mission. she is so awesome. she has already even come with us to lessons. she will be a great help in the missionary work. and during one of the lessons, i used the faith doctrinal statement about how its a strong belief that motivates a person to act. and later in the week she had shown us things she wrote down about our lessons, and that quote was in her notebook! it was cool to see that what we are teaching, she was remembering and writing down. 

we were teaching a lady that was bridgets friend. and later she told bridget that she would come to church just because i could speak some twi haha. sadly we didint see her there. but it was still kinda funny. mom i have met elder silva (from Idaho). he is a way cool elder and ill ask him if he knows diane. haha so this week i also met an old woman. she seriously looked exactly like the old lady off mulan. exactly. like. her. it was weird.

so on to your week. it sounds like it was a good one! very eventful. bridger that girl you are with (at Sadie's) is pretty dang cute. i hope the dance was fun! kennedy bunny sitting sounds awesome. too bad our family doesnt have one...wink wink. sorry my emails havent had a lot of good juicy stuff. this week was kinda slow. besides the heat and everything, the people are so fun. i love talking to them and just getting to know them. sorry this email was kinda short. ha oh ya and I MISS YOUR COOKING SO MUCH!! i seriously just miss it. the food here is...somehow tasteless. anyway.

love you all!!

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