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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Patience is a Virtue

hey family! 

im so glad to hear that your week went well. the byu game sounds fun even though we lost. dad i remember going to those games with you and just wanting hot chocolate and nachos so bad. the games were awesome. momo thats no fun having that much homework. but it really witll be worth doing i promise. and flip i miss sushi. kennedy! biking 30 miles?! thats awesome. good job keep it up. dad that is awesome you will be working with lindsey stirling. jealous. tell michael that she's mine. ;) 

mom and dad thank you for the uplifting comments. it really does help. it gives me a lot of hope for my mission. this week was just hard. super hard. i have been very calm though. for the most part. patience is something me and my former comp worked on together so so much. it was hard for me and him so we worked on it and i really feel i improved...and now im just being tested. a mission really is just a test. and its something that we can learn so much from if we let it. i am getting better and being calm and solving our problems in a good way. 

this week was slow but saturday was probably the best day i have had on my mission. it was just so happy and fun. we met with a lot of people and i was just loving the people. sorry this email was somewhat short. dad you're one of the best shots i know with a shot gun. i talk to people about the mountains back home...i cant explain well enough about how big they are. 

i got one of the birthday envelopes by the way. i really appreciate you guys. i just dont want you to spend too much on me k? also i found some really cool necklaces and stuff that i could buy for the family. i love you all. thank you for the prayers. everyone read dads message in the liahona. hes pretty much an apostle now with his messages going all over the world. nice work dad!! 
love you. bye!

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