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1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Small & Simple Things

 hey fam! 

so this week was a lot better. we just got transfer news. im staying in my area for the next six weeks!! woo! i love my area. mainly because of the people. things with my comp are getting better. we just have been working on our communication. i have also just decided to drop like...everything. in that all these things we argue about arent even worth arguing about. so i just drop it. i hope it doesnt turn into a "laid back, dont care" attitude. that wouldnt be good. but i just need to find a good balance. 

your week sounds pretty awesome. i cant wait to see all the costumes from halloween. im going to miss that so much. kennedy...halloween doesnt really exist over here. so i'll just have to celebrate it by myself. :) itll be sweet dont worry. and ya i hope i get the other package too. if not dont send another one! i really appreciate you guys being so thoughtful of me. but my bday will be sweet. also i had a thought come to mind. morgan. as you are now able to drive a little bit. please please please keep your eyes on the road. make sure you are always driving safely. always wear your seat belt. you have no idea how fast a bad accident can ruin your life so just be safe. also, today i noticed that im getting used to the living conditions here. which is nice. 

two cool things this week. so we were waiting to teach this sister named mamma yaa,   and like six kids that are about 10 yrs old were just hangin around with us. and i was just talking with them. one of them was making a beat with his hands on his chest. so i told him to sit down and to play a certain beat. while he was playing i came in drumming on the bench and we were just making the coolest beats. it was awesome and the kids were just smiling and it was just super fun. these things seriously just make my mission. also today i met six white girls. which was SUPER weird. they were from Finland, Sweden, and Germany. they were all about my age. and they were here teaching in some of the schools. they asked what we were doing here and it was just cool to explain to them who we were. so we taught this guy for the first time on friday. the lesson was short and he seemed kind of interested. but usually we can tell if they are interested or not and if they really want to come to church. he seemed like he didnt really want to come. but on sunday he just showed up! it was awesome. so we are teaching him more now and we are hoping he progresses.

well that is about it for this week. im doing a lot better. also i had a thought. that when i get home, and im looking back on my mission, what do i want to see? do i want to see happiness or sadness? positivity or negativity? myself working hard or slacking? it has really helped. i just have been thinking about home a lot and i want to focus on my mission. so im trying. keep me in your prayers. love you all!

elder madsen

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