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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, July 14, 2014

My First Area

Hi Family!

So first off, I'm sorry for what I said last week about the long letters, I absolutely love them! I realized that knowing what is going on at home is more important than rushing through everything. This last email was perfect, just something from everyone, I don't care about the length I just want to know what's going on at home!

So Happy Birthday to everyone that had one! (Macquel, Morghan & Dad) I hope you guys had an amazing day! I also hope my new cousin is doing well, tell Danny & Jess I said congrats & that I'm so happy for them! I also love the cute little notes you guys left (in my suitcases). I've found mom's, Jessica's & Kennedy's, I love them. Are there more. The question mark key doesn't work, so sorry.

To answer your questions, I'm in an area called Kronum and we walk EVERYWHERE. I'm losing weight like a contestant on Biggest Loser! My comps name is Elder Eze (eh zee), he is such a hard worker, he's awesome. A day working...we walk so much and we talk to so many people. At first it was a little hard but it's getting easier.

I have an idea, I'd like to contribute to Family Night so I want to give a little something each week that you guys can add to the lesson. This week, read The Family A Proclamation to the World. Also Dad, challenge accepted-can you send me those 300 doctrinal statements? And Dad, the scriptures you gave me are my most prized possessions. I love them so so much. I even bought a copy to take out with me so that I wouldn't ruin yours, I love them so much.

I'm learning so much, I go to sleep with random scriptures in my mind, and I can teach the first discussion moving on to the second. I'm able to think more deeply and I'm really getting into the doctrine. I love it, and Dad you're amazing. Certain things you taught me about how to teach, like using the pictures in the Book of Mormon, my trainer now uses them because of how useful they are.

Bridger, read these scriptures: D&C 11:21, 84:85, and 100:4-6. I love them, they pump me up like crazy! Morghan, you're sixteen now, be careful. I know you like to joke around, but please please please be careful. When is Easton's bday? I found the question mark key by the way.

My mission definitely is getting easier as far as emotions go. I can sometimes see the potential of my mission and I start to get excited. And then when I'm learning things I start to get super excited and I start thinking that I don't have enough time to learn everything I want to. I'm getting so much closer to this church and my Savior, I can feel the Spirit strongly and I love it.

Sorry this letter is kinda scattered, I just have so many thoughts and things I want to share. Guess what? We were walking through traffic and someone opened their door and I tried to dodge it. My shirt got caught on the door and the back of my shirt just ripped right open! It's a pretty big hole. Whoops! It's ok though, I might need to buy a new shirt.

Well family, I love you a ton! Keep writing, keep up your goals, I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!

Elder Madsen

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