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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good Missionary Morning!

Hey hey hey family! 

its monday so this week was pretty good. i got to go to the mission home and see all my friends from the mtc. ill try to send a couple pics of that. and we have been teaching a lot. we had another baptism! it wasnt my turn so i havent baptized anyone yet but it'll come...dont worry. 

so i dont know if i told you guys about this but there was a little kid who had a huge beetle tied to a string and it would fly around. he was flying it around just like a kite! it was awesome. and also i went to buy some water from a little shop and started speaking twi with the ladies. they loved it so much and we all were just having the best time. i can understand sometimes what people are saying and its pretty sweet. 
im really starting to see why i was called here. im having so many teaching opportunities and im learning a ton!

one thing i think of a lot though is about humor. im afraid im going to lose my sense of humor, and if we become perfect, what are we going to laugh at? yes we will have complete joy and happiness in the after life and stuff...BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO LAUGH AT? it sounds silly, but seriously. it kinda scares me. 

anyway! i love you all more than you know, and you know whats interesting? in the time ive spent away from you, i feel like ive gotten A LOT closer to each of you. i cant wait to see you and hug you. i know im not the most huggy person, but right now i just want to have a biiiiggggg family hug. will you do one for me? love you guys. keep writing. tonight talk a little about the plan of salvation. and what our purpose of this life is. love you!!! bye bye

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