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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, July 28, 2014

Just do it!

Hey hey Fam! 

So how were the pictures in the email? Cuz if they are good then ill just do a couple per week like that because its super easy. So, to the questions. 
  • My day. I wake up, then at about six I work out for a half an hour. 
  • Then I get ready for the day and then study scriptures and whatever else for an hour. 

  • Then comp study, then we head out! 
  • We get back at 8 because we dont eat dinner till we get home. 
  • Then we close, eat, get ready for bed, then sleep! 
We are teaching a lot of people. So many people. Some kids some adults. We teach about an average of 4 or 5 lessons maybe a day, and if we want we could make them all new investigators because of how many people want to hear the gospel. 

Im eating noodles, pancakes, eggs bread, bananas, and fufu. Im starting to get the hang of that nasty stuff. I do most of my cooking. 

The baptism was just someone that i hadn't taught very much. Its a girl who is about 14. She is so cool. Its kinda weird but families here don't really all attend the same church. 

don't hand wash my of the kids in my apartment has a washer he he. So I use that all the time. 

I'v been learning like crazy. My brain is getting tired, but its sweet. Dad that study guide you got me about Jesus Christ and his apostles is awesome. I'm learning so much from it. Every day I learn more and more about life and about why we are here and about the after life and about everything pretty much. I wish i could write everything I'v been learning. Its just too much and too hard to try and put down. 

One thing i can explain is about work. I was way too lazy at home. Like super lazy, and I have realized that we just need to stop thinking about ourselves for a second and get the stuff done that we need to even though we may be a little uncomfortable. We just need to do it. 

I feel like I am getting more comfortable with the people and with talking and teaching. I am able to answer questions and give quotations from the bible. The first discussion is super super easy now, so that makes talking to people that much easier.  

So things I did during the week? We as a district went to a restaurant and ate American food so that was kinda nice! I got to give my comp a blessing because he wasn't feeling good and I also got to anoint for this women who was sick and helped give her a blessing. Another thing is I can feel the spirit with me a lot stronger. I love it. 

Enough about me! Kennedy I'm so glad you're keeping the lemon grab voice alive! You better be a pro when i get back. Thats awesome you guys got to go to Oregon. I wish I could have been there. Kennedy i love your hair! Momo...oh momo...the boys better watch out. Kiss styx huh? Just be wise with your first kiss k? Momma I miss your cooking everyday. I had a dream last night that I was able to come home for one night and eat at our house and then I had to leave again! Kinda crappy but still. 

Dad thats awesome that you got to speak in front of that many people. so for family night tonight: Dad I want you to teach about Christ's earthly ministry and about how he actually established his church. Then about the apostasy and how the truth and priesthood was lost. Then the restoration and about how the church came back. That's one thing we talk about a lot out here and I think it would be a good thing for our family to really know.

One more thing I have learned is that no matter what happens everything will be ok. Our heavenly father is here for us and he is watching out for us. no matter what situation we get into or no matter what we are going through. It will be ok. 

One more thing is that if we keep the commandments we have been given we will be blessed. So so much! haha sorry one more thing... I have realized that I kinda act like a child when it comes to some things. I think it is a lot of pride and a lot of just having to be right all the time. That is something I am trying to work on. 

Maybe another thing you could do for FHE is go to the Christ like attributes in PMG and each choose one you want to work on. I have kinda noticed that I am very prideful and also that I am lacking a lot in almost all of those attributes. So thats one thing I am trying to work on. Anyway family I love you so much! Till next week    

-ya bro, elder madsen

PS... also Morgan. my mtc friend is in love with you and wants to marry you. Kennedy he thinks youre absolutely beautiful but you're too young. Sorry. Any way. love ya! 

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