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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mission Tour May 4, 2015

hey fam! 
so first of all. what was with the COOLEST CAR IN THE WORLD? if that is michaels im gunna be so jealous. holy cow. that thing is so sweet. if it is his i need to borrow it for some dates. dang it that thing is sweet. i sat here for like five minutes just freaking out looking at it. ah. (Elder Madsen is referring to this pic we sent him...)

so dad. i have a huge favor for you. will you tell Elder Bednar i say hi? let him know that i love him and appreciate him. your weeks sound absolutely crazy. but they are filled with good things. im excited to hear how the face to face event goes. thanks dad for being so awesome and doing so much for our family. so momma no packages yet. im confident they'll be here though. haha and mom i love all the pics we have. we were all such cute lil kids. i am so excited for the wedding and for pics of it.

well fam. missions are definitely hard. tamale is sweet. haha its so hot though. this week we got to go on a mission tour and listen to Elder Dube speak. he is so funny and just a sweet guy. dad we took a pic and he said he would show it to you when he comes to slc. i didnt get one on my camera though. he was so busy. we were gone for almost the whole week so our numbers were low. with the tour we had to travel about 4 hours away. so we stayed for a couple days. our sacrament attendance was 3. but its alright. this week will be better. i am loving my mission. my English is getting a little worse. but it'll be better when i get back home. thats about all i have to write this week. dad i seriously love the thing about light. its so cool. thank you all for being here for me and supporting me. you wouldnt believe what some of the elders had to go through to be on a mission. love you all! hey and hows my lil bro doin?
love, elder madsen

pics. a way pretty field. 

and dad always takes pics of his food. this was a super good avocado and egg breakfast sandwich. i eat them a lot. ;)

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