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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lots of Lessons April 27, 2015

Hey fam!

so first i got some bad news. my camera just lost all of the pics from dichemso with onen and all the way with elder snow and even up till now. and the pics on the other card from the beginning of my mission is corrupted. so basically i have no pics of my mission...baptisms. comps. members. ghanas pretty places. my last bishop and his kids. haha wow. and thats what i thought until I JUST FIXED IT. kinda. it wont display on the camera. it shows that they arent there. and they werent showing up on the computer. until just barely. wow i was so scared.

so these weeks of yours sounds more and more crazy every email i get. dad its so sweet how good you are at speaking. one day i hope to be able to reach your level of speaking. and both of you preparing for the wedding and everything it must be crazy. ha best parents in the world! momo im glad you had a good trip and that you had fun at prom. tenny i hope the play is fun. keep having fun with your friends! its honestly the best thing in the world. mom im glad you had a good birthday. and i am so excited to call home. ya so also i will most likely just be call. i dont know how i would skype. i think that will be fun though. then you wont get to see me till christmas ;) haha missions are long. love it so much though.

so this week was good! a little tamale heat welcomed me and gave me some super weird painful rash on my neck. its better now. and the other pic is of me with my last bishops kids. they are so cute. spencer is the older one. and caleb is the younger.

so this week was awesome! also dad, the reason my legs were sore is not because of the distance but speed my comp walks. its mainly nigerians and ghanains that can walk unbelievably fast but i can keep up just fine. so we had some awesome lessons this week. me and my comp are killing it out here. last week we had 6 investigators at church. and this week we had 11. the families we are working with are awesome. one family, the dad was baptized about 20 years ago. he went inactive then later he got married and started a family. my comp and his last comp contacted the wife right before i came. and then me and my comp met him together for the first time. we walked into his home and he had mormon message posters on the wall. we have been meeting with all of the family and he still has a great testimony. he is a police officer and had to work sunday but the rest of his family came. they have two kids who are old enough to be baptized. they loved it. and he wants his wife and kids to be baptized and he is serious about all of them coming to church. the second awesome family, two of the three kids are baptized. the youngest is 7 and the mom and dad right now are working towards baptism. the mom, beatrice, should be baptized on the tenth of next month. i hope she is. the work here is awesome. and the church is growing. i meet so many interesting people every day. me and my comp yesterday contacted a guy from the u.s. he wasnt going to stay in tamale for very long. he said he was roman catholic and had met with missionaries before. he said he had read the Book Of Mormon. he was cool.

tamale is sweet. and as i learn more and more about the gospel i just get more and more excited to take part in it. like with marriage. and more temple work. and seriously the plan of salvation is my favorite subject. i'm really excited for the rest of our heavenly fathers plan to lay out. family you are amazing. i still have the picture of us all. it sits on my desk and i look at it every day. i love you all so so much. keep me in your prayers. also dad. how well do you know elder dube? we have a mission tour this week. and he will come speak. love ya!!

elder madsen

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