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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pray for Elder Madsen :)

hey fam!

so this week was good but hard, haha of course. this week i am kind of having a super hard time. ugh. please pray for me. momma. my bday was not like a pday. i wore my white shirt and tag over there but took a shirt to wear for the cooking. dont worry :) 

this was the cute little girl who sang happy birthday to me. and ya i did eat the food. the fish and fufu were good. the snails on the other hand...were kinda gross. but i had to eat them. im out here and i gotta try new things. (this was birthday dinner) 

so i went to a wedding this last week. it was so crazy. so fun. it was just a lot of clapping singing preaching and it was very loud. i felt like i went to a concert. the only reason we were allowed to go was because the bishop invited us. speaking of bishop. dad he wants you to email him. so an investigator we have right now, his name is lawrence. he is so cool. i know we arent supposed to have favorites but flip this guys is cool. and he came to church yesterday!! i was so excited to see him. he was even there before us. and i think he enjoyed it. we will be meeting with him tomorrow. and another is cynthia. she is awesome. we have been teaching her and her sister. but she is a lot more serious. she has come to church 2 weeks in a row. and she loves the teachings.

also one more thing. mom dont flip out or anything. but we rode in a taxi with this guy. and he was just so happy. so so happy. listening to reggae music. haha we found out he was somewhat high. he was so nice. so we found out right at the end of our ride. so i accidentally left a word of wisdom pamphlet on the seat. anyway. thats about it for this weekkeep praying for me fam. i need it. love you all.
-elder madsen

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