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1 timothy 4:12

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Of My Best Birthday's Ever! (Pics!)

hey fam!! 

so this week was so awesome. my bday was so amazing. so awesome. i went to bridgets house with alice and elizabeth and we pounded fufu and i got to drive it as well. we bought snails and I ATE THEM. haha they were so weird. sososososososo weird. i cant even explain it. 

but pounding was so cool. you get quite the workout from it. i almost took bridgets hand off though. a cute little girl sang to me and it was just so fun. bridget also got me a way cool necklace. so it was awesome. 

so, i LOVED your packages. so much. oh my goodness i almost started to cry a little... it was so amazing though. dad i loved the lessons ive learned. so much. maybe if you could, you could just do that (scripture cards) for like the rest of my mission? ;) cuz im kinda bad at recognizing them. and family the notes were amazing. i loved them so much. they were all so unique and just totally you. i loved them. tell the extended family i loved their cards as well. 

so a couple of other things. first off, dad, do you think there is any chance i could get into BYU? like at all. im just realizing so much my mistake of not taking school seriously. and i want to go to a good school. so badly. just let me know. 

haha so pricing taxis here is so ridiculous. the drivers try to rip you off so badly. for instance, we go to a certain are every tuesday. it costs 15 cedis to get there. so when we tell the driver where we need to go. they will always start way higher. last time we went the driver said 40 cedis. so we said we have 15 then they will say, "fine, 20." then we just say ok sorry and start to walk away. then they will just honk or tell us to come back. then they accept 15. so now when i walk up to the window i just say, "we are going to meduma, we have 15 cedis." and they just accept. i love it. anyway i gotta go. i love you all so much. and thank you so much for the birthday stuff. probably one of my best birthdays ever. love you

-elder madsen

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